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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of rational thought?

Rational thinking in the epistemic sense is the art of arriving at true beliefs. For example, it is rational to think that the earth revolves around the sun. There are some tools like Bayesian probability theory that can help to promote rational thinking.

What are the components of rational thinking?

We studied developmental trends in 5 important reasoning tasks that are critical components of the operational definition of rational thinking. The tasks measured denominator neglect, belief bias, base rate sensitivity, resistance to framing, and the tendency toward otherside thinking.

What are rational thoughts?

Rational thought is a state of being reasonable that can only be judged by other humans. That is to say that it differs from logic that can be shown to be correct with a mathematical proof.It is widely accepted that humans aren't logic processing machines and that human judgements differ from logic.

What are some examples of being rational?

The definition of rational is something that makes sense or that could be based in fact or someone who behaves and thinks logically. An example of rational is the provable idea of gravity. An example of rational is a person who apologizes after an argument when he knows he was at fault.

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