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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a pig?

Being a pig means you always eat too much. Being a pig means that you are a slob and have stains on your shirt. Being a pig means that you give off a creepy vibe and people may avoid you. Being a pig means that you uphold the law.

What are pig terms?

Numerous terms are used to describe pigs of various ages, sexes and ultimate purpose, such as sow, boar, piglet, sucker, weaner, baconer, porker, chopper and stag. When a young pig is up for sale, or being shown, however, it usually is referred to as a barrow or a gilt.

What is the origin of the word pig?

The Pig surname is derived from the Middle English word "pigge," which means "pig" and was most likely an occupational name for someone who kept a swine herd, or possibly a nickname for someone resembling a hog in some way.

What is another word for pig or hog?

Synonyms for pig include boar, hog, sow, swine, piggy, porker, piglet, grunter, baconer and cutter. Find more similar words at!

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