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Frequently Asked Questions

What is degree in mathematics?

Degree (of an Expression) "Degree" can mean several things in mathematics: In Geometry a degree (°) is a way of measuring angles, But here we look at what degree means in Algebra.

What is the definition of degree in Algebra?

Illustrated definition of Degree (algebra): The largest exponent the variable has in a polynomial with one variable. Example: 4xsup3sup 2xsup2sup...

What can I do with Bachelor's in mathematics?

A bachelor's degree in mathematics can open the door for a variety of careers, including systems analysis, banking and insurance. You can also work in actuarial science, meteorology or market analysis; all of these careers require a strong command of mathematical principles.

What is the definition of term in Algebra?

In Algebra a term is either a single number or variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together.

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