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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bank of America partnering with degreed?

Bank of America has partnered with Degreed to enhance learning and education opportunities available to active Military and Veterans. Degreed is an education tech company that is engaged in the measurement, tracking, and validation of all the learning individuals do throughout their lives.

What is the pioneering spirit of Boa fit?

The pioneering spirit is what Boa is built on – innovation, exploring unconventional paths, pushing limits, and peak performance. These world-class athletes and pioneers live and breathe this mindset, embodying the very same vision our founder had since day one.

Is the Bank of America website subject to law?

Unless restricted by local law, all information, including any personal information, as well as encrypted communications on this system, including email and internet activity, are subject to review, monitoring, and recording at any time without notice or permission.

When does the BOA marching band championships start?

BOA’s marching band shows offer positively life-changing experiences for the students, teachers, and parents of the bands who participate, as well as fans and spectators. Registration is Open for 2021 Bands of America Championships!

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