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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a career at ZS?

See below for some of the areas of opportunity for your career at ZS: These teams typically focus on long-term, ongoing client relationships. We learn the client’s business to run, enhance and transform their processes and customer experience.

What does ZS stand for in professional services?

We deliver solutions that work in the real world. It’s about results, not just ideas. We deliver solutions that work in the real world. Our software products enable your success with leading-edge analytics and domain expertise. With ZS, you have a partner committed to getting it right the first time.

What are the features and features of degreed?

Learning ecosystem integration: Degreed aggregates learning content from the world's best sources across modalities (more than 225,000 courses) and providers (1,300 learning platforms and providers). In addition, Degreed integrates your organization's content (LMS, proprietary, SharePoint, etc.) into a single portal with SSO.

Which is the best way to join ZS?

If you’re a team player with a love for learning, you can meet your potential at ZS. ZS engages students from top engineering schools in India. Through learning activities and case challenges, you’ll get to know ZS and prepare for placement season.

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