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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the degrees of Lewdity wiki?

If you're having trouble looking for a specific event/character/anything else, use the Search bar at the top-right corner, or otherwise search by Categories. Enjoy your time on the Degrees of Lewdity wiki! The rules here are fairly straightforward.

What are the stats for Robin in degrees of Lewdity?

Love and Lust are two stats that all love interests share, with Robin possessing a unique stat dedicated to them: "Confidence." Raising Love requires the player to spend time with Robin, spending time with them consistently. Higher Love will unlock more events, further improving the player's friendship with Robin.

Are there Secret Paths in town degrees of Lewdity?

The town has many secret paths that the player is only aware of if they have a high enough grade in History, an example being the Coastal Path on Mer Street. It should be noted that while the town has a police force, it is corrupt - serious crimes are simply added to the backlog of the police's records, never to be seen again.

Where does Whitney from degrees of Lewdity go to school?

They attend the local School on Oxford Street, where their popularity knows no bounds with their fellow students. They serve as one of eight potential love interests. Although initially introduced as someone not to mess with, given enough time they will warm up to the player, loosening their rough handling of them.

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