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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate degree day?

Degree days are determined by comparing the average temperature of the day to a standard, 65-degree baseline. There are two ways of making this calculation: During the summer, cooling degree days are calculated by taking the day’s average temperature and subtracting the 65-degree baseline.

How to figure degree days?

How to Calculate Heating Degree Day (HDD) Subtract the average of a day's high and low temperatures from 65. For example, if the day's average temperature is 50 o... Subtract each half-hourly temperature reading from 65, with the provision that negative values be set to zero, then sum...

What is 60 degree weather?

Sixty degree weather is kind of that ‘in between’ weather; it’s not cold enough to bust out the puffy, cozy jacket, but not quite warm enough to go out in a t-shirt and shorts. When you find out the weather is going to be around 60 degrees, you probably stare in front of your closet wondering what on earth to wear.

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