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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the deity identification spread?

The deity identification spread going around – largely on various Pagan and witch subreddits, but on websites and communities too – is short, just five cards. Most of the posts asking for assistance with the spread didn’t like to any original source, so I took off to Google.

How old is the mini deity dossier spread?

Crown also has a Mini Deity Dossier spread that is much similar to the Deity Identification Spread. Coming in at six cards, it is a bit of a blend of the Deity Identification and Communication spreads. All of the posts I mention above are six to seven years old. On the internet that is a long time.

Is there an 18 card spread for God?

There is also a much larger spread, called the Deity Dossier, by Tumblr blogger This Crooked Crown. An acquaintance brought up this larger spread when I mentioned this topic on Twitter. This 18 card spread is much more concerned with the minutiae of a god and spirit.

When to use a tarot spread with God?

These Tarot spreads are much more useful in a devotional context in the sense of double-checking that a God you have established relationship with is who you suspect They are, or they can be used to ensure an entity that appears in ritual or spiritual journeys is who they said they are.

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