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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Dekor LED lighting products made?

Some of the world’s best products are made in America, and DEKOR® products are part of that tradition. We believe in American Craftsmanship. Most of our products are built right here at our manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado. Welcome to DEKOR®, a leading manufacturer, designer and innovator of LED lighting products.

What makes a Dekor deck light so durable?

Durable and weather resistant - Dekor lights are specifically designed to withstand everything from heavy storms and snow to sunlight. A waterproof transformer, housing, and extensive environmental testing means our products are built to last. Energy efficiency - Conserve energy with our low-voltage lighting.

What makes a Dekor light stick with you?

DEKOR® is different. Our premium raw materials include die-cast aluminum, polycarbonate housing, and waterproof wiring, ensuring your lighting will stick with you for life.

What makes Dekor lighting different from the rest?

Marked by trust, quality, and innovation, the DEKOR® mission is simple: to provide LED lighting that makes your home brighter, approachable setup that makes your life easier, and customer care that makes your day better. The DEKOR® Difference is how we set ourselves apart from the pack.

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