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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wire does Dekoron control cable use?

Dekoron Wire & Cable control cables are used in process control applications to carry information to and from various points within the system to change process parameters, hence the name "control" cables. Control cables are typically made of 16 AWG and larger conductors, and we have found sizes 12 AWG and 10 AWG to be the most popular.

How big is a Dekoron PVC cable reel?

PVC, HDPE, CPE, or TPN (LSZH). All cables are printed with required voltage and temperature rating, as well as applicable regulatory approvals. All cables have traceability and sequential length markings. Depending on the size of the cable, the products are delivered on wooden reels up to 96” in diameter.

Are there any Dekoron thermocouples on the market?

While Dekoron does not manufacture thermocouples themselves, however, we do offer some of the highest quality thermocouple extension cables available on the market today.

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