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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a Dekorra rock enclosure be used for?

Designed for concealing a number of utility devices found within the residential and commercial landscape including septic, well, irrigation and utility pedestals. Dekorra Rock Enclosures creates the perfect addition to most landscapes by allowing the property owner to blend in unsightly utility devices.

Which is the best fake rock to buy?

These DekoRRa Mock Rocks are by far the most realistic fake rock covers available today. Patented flanges are molded into the exterior walls and serve as anchoring points through which the included ground stakes are driven to secure the rock securely to the ground and provide protection from high winds.

What can fake rocks be used for backflow?

Backflow enclosures for frost and freeze protection and backflow insulation bags are in stock and ready for fast shipping. Many of the mock rocks can be used as fake rock covers for backflow valves. Fake rocks models 103, 110, 116, and 117 are the most popular options for backflow protection and insulation.

How do I send an image to Dekorra?

Images of the device or application are most helpful. Send images as attachments to: si[email protected]

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