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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete contact from my contacts list?

To delete a contact from the list : In the same People window, click at the contact > toolbar at top, click Delete. If you want to edit, that is to change information, not to delete........... To Edit your contact list : Click at the contact's name ( NOT its check box ) > toolbar at top, click Edit. Note :

How do I delete email address from my contacts?

To remove a contact/email address: After logging into Constant Contact, click the Contacts tab in the navigation bar. In the Contacts section, locate the contact you wish to remove. Put a checkmark beside the contact from which you want to remove. Select "More Actions" from the task bar at the top of the list. Click "Delete.".

How do you clear contacts?

1. Select “Settings” in the main interface. 2. Click “Applications Manager”. 3. Find “Contacts Storage”. 4. Clear all the Android contacts by clicking “Clear data”. Note: If you want, you can also clear or erase web or browser history on your Android to get more storage space with similar steps.

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