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Frequently Asked Questions

When and why should you delete cookies?

Cookies are in effect real-time log files of the time, date, and specific activity of a user on a computer as the user interacts with websites. If Internet access is being gained in a public or work environment, it is best to delete cookies after an Internet session has ended to maintain privacy.

What happens when you delete cookies?

If you regularly clear your browser cache, your browsing will be slower. If you regularly clear your cookies, the web will be more annoying. You'll see the same messages again that you've already cleared, and sites will keep asking you to log back in.

What happens when you clear your cookies?

Deleting cookies will interrupt this process, separating your prior online activity from your future activity in the trackers' data. The only noticeable effect this will have for most users is a change in the types of ads that appear on websites.

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