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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to Delete my Gmail account?

Google gives you two options, to delete a Google service or your entire Google account. If you only want to get rid of Gmail click on Delete a service, if you want to delete your account click on Delete your account. Choose Delete a Google service or Delete your Google Account.

Can you delete your Google account when you die?

In that case, Google has got your back. You can delete your Google account automatically when you stop using it. For instance, after you die. If you want you can also delete your Facebook account after your death.

What happens to my Gmail account when I Die?

Google will contact you just before a month before your mailbox is about to become inactive. Your Google Gmail account will be automatically deleted just after three months from the day it is marked as an inactive. The same settings to access Google Gmail Account After Death can be used on your any Android device.

How do I auto delete my Google account?

Sign-in to your Google account and go to My Account . Click on Personal info & privacy. Scroll down to find the ‘Inactive Account Manager’. Click on Change This Setting. Click on Start to initiate the process of auto-deleting your Google account. The first step is to choose the time period after which Google should consider your account inactive.

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