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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove an email from my Gmail account?

Click “Options” in the drop-down menu to open the Gmail Manager Options screen. 3. Click “Accounts” in the left panel to display a list of all Gmail accounts that Gmail Manager is connected to. 4. Click the email account you wish to remove and click the “Remove” button at the bottom of the “Accounts” panel.

How do you close a Gmail account?

To close your Gmail or entire Google account, first sign in to your Gmail account. Click the gear icon and click "Settings.". Click "Accounts and Import" and select "Other Google Account Settings.". Click "Products" and select the "Edit" link next to the "Your Products" heading.

How do I remove my Google account?

How to Delete Your Google Account Go to Enter your Google Account credentials and hit Sign In. Go to Account Preferences > Delete your account or services. On the next screen, select Delete Google Account and data. Google will prompt you for your username and password. You will receive an email confirming your deletion.

How do I remove my Gmail account from friends computer?

File --> Account Settings --> email tab --> remove the GMail account. If the account was configured as a POP account, go to the Data Files tab and remove the associated PST file taking note of where on your computer it is located.

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