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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the journalist Amy Goodman married to?

Goodman is widely recognized as an American broadcast journalist, and author best know as the co-founder and host of her news-based TV show Democracy Now! The War and Peace report. Well, she is married to her husband Denis Moynihan. Moreover, she shares a strong bond with her family. Furthermore, Goodman has maintained her net worth of $3 Million.

Who is Amy Goodman's husband Denis Moynihan?

She is suspected to marry her long-time co-host and writer turned husband, Denis Moynihan. Denis is a famous author and also the founder of the community radio station called KFFR 88.3 FM. The couple met for the first time by their profession. Amy Goodman with her husband, Denis Moynihan.

When did Amy Goodman start hosting Democracy Now?

Since 1996, she has been the main host of Democracy Now!, a progressive global news program broadcast daily on radio, television and the Internet. She has received awards for her work, including the Thomas Merton Award in 2004, a Right Livelihood Award in 2008, and an Izzy Award in 2009 for "special achievement in independent media".

Who are the members of Democracy Now who are married?

His program "Democracy Now" has popular representatives like Amy Goodman, Salim Muwakkil, Larry Bensky, and Julie Drizin. He has been awarded with George Polk Award in 1998. Talking about his marital status he is happily married man.

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