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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the dental group in Bakersfield located?

Our office offers routine dental care to adults and children. Our dental group is conveniently located inside of the Seven Oaks Business Park center on Buena Vista Avenue across from St. John’s School. The new development offers our patients a modern and welcoming environment surrounded by other unique retailers.

Are there dentists in Kern County that take Medi Cal?

This is a non-inclusive list of dentists known to see children. The Kern County Public Health Services Department does not endorse any dental provider. You may want to use other resources to find Medi-Cal dentist in your area.

Where can I get dental care with Medi Cal?

NOTE: Please call Providers, as they may not be accepting new patients. Por favor llame a los proveedores, ya que pueden no estar aceptado pacientes nuevos. Dental services are currently provided as one of the many benefits under the Medi-Cal Program. Use your Medi-Cal card to obtain these services.

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