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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of dental chair?

Top 10 Best Types of Dental Chair DCT-329 Dental Chair. The DCT-329 Dental Chair is manufactured by the company Vic Dental. ... A-Dec 500 Dental Chair. The A-Dec 500's defining feature is its ability to offer optimum comfort for both patient and dentists during operation. CORE Dental Chair. ... DCI Edge Dental Chair. ... V2 Dental Chair. ... Forest Dental 3900 Chair. ... More items...

What are dental chairs used for?

The dental chair is used to position the patient so that the oral cavity is in the desired position for the dentist to perform various dental procedures. Dental chairs can be either hydraulically or electromechanically operated. There are two dynamic functions: the base (up/down) and the back (incline/recline).

What is dental furniture?

Dental furniture is a term used by leading manufacturers of dental equipment and associated clinical cabinetry systems. The implications of conferring this term on what may be more commonly identified as dental cabinetry is significant.

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