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Frequently Asked Questions

Do dental hygienists like their job?

Dental hygienists often polish patients' teeth. For example, in some areas, a dental hygienist can perform her duties in a nursing home setting with minimal supervision. In fact, dental hygienist jobs in many state-run institutions do not require much supervision at all.

What is the job outlook for dental hygienists?

The dental hygienist career outlook is expected to be better than the average for all occupations. Dental hygienist employment is expected to grow 20 percent from 2016 through 2026. This fast growing field is in response to increasing demand for dental care and more use of hygienists.

Are dental hygienist jobs in demand?

Hygienists are in demand in general dental practices and in specialty practices such as periodontics or pediatric dentistry. They also may be employed to provide dental hygiene services for patients in hospitals, nursing homes and public health clinics.

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