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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up a dental Intel system?

Follow These Three Easy Steps to Get your Dental Intel System Set Up and Start Using it Today Get familiar with all the different dashboards so that you can keep a pulse on your practice Get to know the different applications inside of Dental Intelligence so that you can get the most out it!

How does dental intelligence work in Dental Management?

Dental Intelligence connects to your Practice Management Software then runs in the background, tracking everything, analyzing, automating, finding opportunities, & communicating with you. Imagine the compounding effect of doing everything right, every single day. Dental Intelligence. Hollowbrook Family Dentistry.

How much money can you make with dental intelligence?

Using Dental Intelligence pre-appointment shot up from 23% to 40%! An additional $217,120 in added annual collections! This software is EVERYTHING! 8% increase in just the first month! More than pays for 2 years of Dental Intelligence. We love that each team member has a daily call list and reminders.

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