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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Loupes are best?

Triplet lens loupes generally the highest quality. This is because instead of focusing on new designs and innovations on the body and added accessories, the manufacturers focused on clarity and image quality – easily the most important aspect to any good jewelers loupe.

What is the function of dental loupes?

Dental loupes are designed to enhance visual acuity by magnifying the working area and have been hypothesized to promote a neutral body position when fitted correctly based on proper working distance and declination angles. 15-21 It is also imperative to seek professional guidance when purchasing loupes in order to ensure optimal ergonomic benefits.

What is dental microscope or surgical loupe?

Dental Operating Microscope is a magnification device used in dentistry to magnify the operating field inside your mouth. Since the start of the dentistry there have been many kinds of dental innovations and inventions and purpose of all inventions have been only one- To improve the diagnosis, and predictability of the treatment and to make the treatment more efficient to perform.

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