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Frequently Asked Questions

What tools are need for a dentist?

What Tools Do Dentists Use? Mouth Mirror. Dentists use mouth mirrors to look inside a patient's mouth. ... Probes. A common type of probe that dentists use is a contra-angled probe, which can help them locate fissures, calculus, or problems with bridges, crowns, or caries. Dental burs. ... College Tweezers. ... Disposable saliva ejector. ...

What tools do dentists use to clean teeth?

What Tools Are Used for Dental Cleaning? Ultrasonic. Depending on the amount of plaque accumulated on your teeth, the dentist you use a tool called an Ultrasonic. Hand tools. Even after using an ultrasonic, fine remnants of plaque or tartar often need to be addressed with the use of hand tools and scrapers. Electric tooth polisher. ...

How are dental tools cleaned?

The first tool that is generally used to clean teeth is an ultrasonic instrument. This device uses mild vibrations to loosen larger pieces of tarter. It also sprays subsequent mists of cool water to wash away loose debris. The tips of the ultrasonic instrument are rounded and curved, and kept in constant motion.

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