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Frequently Asked Questions

What dentist accepts DentaQuest?

Of the dentists that accept DentaQuest, Naba Dental is top tier. Their friendly staff provides the best care for patients in Houston in addition to using the latest technology and techniques. If you have DentaQuest dental insurance, call us at (346) 571-7245 to make your appointment today.

Does DentaQuest cover for braces?

Braces are covered only when they are medically necessary. The DentaQuest dentist can tell you if you meet the rules to have braces. To be covered for that cost, you must get approval from DentaQuest before getting braces. Can DentaQuest help me find a dentist?

What does DentaQuest cover?

DentaQuest PPO Individual Family High - a comprehensive plan with coverage for diagnostic and preventive and basic restorative services such as crowns and fillings (including white fillings for front teeth), and complex services such as root canals and oral surgery

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