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Frequently Asked Questions

Is dentatrust and DentaQuest the same company?

DentaQuest will pay the same percentage of the allowable charges for covered services received in and out of network. If you choose to see a non-contracting dentist (out of network), you will be responsible for the difference between the plan’s allowable charges (what contracting dentists receive for payment from DentaQuest) and the dentist ...

What dental services does DentaQuest provide?

We provide the integrated solutions you need to make it easier to deliver the best prevention-focused care for your patients. The first step in having healthy teeth is preventing tooth decay. Sealants can protect your child’s teeth against cavities.

What does DentaQuest Medicaid cover?

Medicaid might cover dental crowns in the twenty-six states with major restorative benefits. A crown is a cap placed over the tooth to reinstate its shape and size, strength and improve its appearance.

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