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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do as a DentaQuest member?

As a DentaQuest member, you can use our secure member portal to check dental benefits, search for dentists, communicate with us and download your ID card 24/7. 1. Identify your plan type:

What is the DentaQuest web portal?

Welcome to Our Web Portal! Our web portal offers a variety of resources making it easy for our clients and dentists to work with DentaQuest. Our portal lets you: At DentaQuest, we are committed to improving oral health by redefining prevention and care.

Why choose dentadentaquest?

DentaQuest has more than 50 years of experience partnering with health plans and state agencies to deliver state-of-the-art benefit solutions. Something that tends to go below the radar a bit, is the oral health of our veterans and active duty service members.

When will I receive my DentaQuest subscriber ID?

If you are new to DentaQuest please note that you will need your subscriber ID before you can register online. You will receive the ID on your invoice through the mail within 7 business days. Already have an account?

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