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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send claims to DentaQuest?

Claims should be sent to: DENTAQUEST± CO PO BOX 2906 Milwaukee, WI 53201-2906 Electronic Claims should be sent: Direct entry on the web ± Or Via Clearinghouse ± Payer ID CX014 Include address on electronic claims ±

How do I contact DentaQuest for Medicaid or chip services?

P.O. Box 2906 Milwaukee, WI 53201‐2906 • For Peer to Peer Review, please call our Provider Services line during regular business hours: 1‐800‐896‐2374 K. Medicaid and CHIP Special Access Requirements Interpreter/Translation Services DentaQuest is committed to ensuring that staff and subcontractors are educated about, remain

What is DentaQuest’s policy for filing claims under HIPAA?

Effective the date of this manual, DentaQuest will require providers to submit all claims with the proper CDT 2009 ‐2010 codes listed in this manual. In addition, all paper claims must be submitted on a 2018, 2019, or later approved ADA claim form. Note: Copies of DentaQuest’s HIPAA policies are available upon request by contacting

What dental codes does DentaQuest USA insurance cover?

DentaQuest USA Insurance Company, Inc. April 1, 2021 196 Exhibit B Benefits Covered for TX CHIP (Child Under 19) Claims for preventive dental procedure codes D1110, D1120, D1206, D1208, D1351, and D1352 will be denied when submitted for the same DOS as any D4000 series

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