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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Dentron Super Tuner cost?

None at all - you will have to add a meter and an antenna switch, and rig an "in/out" switch. Lots of tuners have all that stuff included, but not for $125! Oh, there IS a usable 4:1 balun, nicely potted, and it works great with ladder line doublets. Very basic tuner, does the job very well, and won't break the bank.

How big is the inductor on a Dentron tuner?

What seemed out of scale for the tuner was the small size of the rotary inductance switch, which seemed tiny compared to the rest of the tuner. Further, the taps to the inductor were probably 20 gauge tinned copper, and the remaining wiring was 18 gauge, rather thin for a 1KW rated tuner.

Which is the best Dentron Clipperton L tube?

Dentron Clipperton L. New tubes with less than an hour Ceylon Tube 572B-T160L & Dentron Tube 572B-T160L . They Work Great To Gather. Only 1 left!

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