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Frequently Asked Questions

What is so important about derating?

The purpose of the derating is to reduce amount of load accelerating factors to the capacitors. The two main accelerating factors are voltage and temperature. As per the equation C1-20 energy content is depending to voltage squared, thus voltage reduction (voltage derating) has a significant impact to overall energy handling through the capacitor.

What does a derating factor signify?

The de-rating factor is essentially a measure of the forecasted availability of a storage installation in the case of a potential system stress event. These events could last longer than the battery capacity, especially if the battery is not charged to full capacity prior to the event.

What is derating factor in motor?

Derating Factor value depends upon the motor environment, For example: Motor design temp - 45 deg C. But motor location ambient temp 65 deg C (near any burner. or heat source) So motor performance (rated power) will reduced due to. ambient temp. For that motor manufacturer given Derating Factor value.

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