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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the website descriptionari?

Descriptionari is a place where students, educators and professional writers discover and share inspirational writing and amazing descriptions Page load speed analysis 64/100

Who is the founder and editor of descriptionari?

I am the founder, editor and lead writer of Descriptionari, a website that helps millions of youth worldwide with creative writing. My work has global reach; it used everywhere from Moscow University to the USA - in over a hundred countries every day. Descriptionari is used by authors, script writers, students, university lecturers and students.

What to do if is down?

If is actually down then you can resolve the issue by doing following: Wait for the site going up again. Post an inquiry at its forum, twitter or Facebook Page.

What is the DNS service for

DNS is a service that translates into computer-readable address called IP address. In most cases this job is done by your ISP. If only specific sites aren't opening chances are, it got corrupt.

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