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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes an excellent desktop support technician?

What makes an excellent desktop support technician? Knowledge. Not all technical difficulties are immense problems. ... Prior experience in desktop support. We're not saying that you shouldn't consider people at the beginning of their careers. ... Thinking outside the box. This trait is a bit trickier to spot but invaluable for businesses. ... Sociable. ... Dependable. ...

What is the difference between desktop support and help desk?

The difference between desktop support and helpdesk are the following: There isnt necessarily a difference. The difference between desktop and helpdesk support are the following;- Desktop support is the one doing the troubleshooting on hand 2;- helpdesk support is one the receiving the call and troubelshooting it and this call resole to remotely.

What does a desktop support technician do?

Desktop support technicians are primarily responsible for fixing and maintaining desktop computing environments used by home computer users and employees in organizations.

What are the duties of a desktop support technician?

Common duties of desktop support technicians include setting up accounts, repairing or replacing faulty hardware, and configuring network settings. The technician must also work together with hardware or software vendors to address problems beyond the scope of regular computer maintenance.

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