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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my computer have a black background?

When I start my computer sometimes it's black, sometimes it shows the image. After a period of time, it will occasionally switch back to the image, or the black background. This is usually triggered by moving around icons, minimizing windows, throwing items in the Recycle Bin, or making click-drag selections.

Where is desktop background stored Windows 10?

Windows 10’s default desktop wallpapers are stored in C:WindowsWeb. This folder usually contains subfolders named after different wallpaper themes (such as “Flowers” or “Windows”) or resolutions (“4K”). If you’ve lost track of this folder in Windows Settings, here’s how to get it back.

How do you set wallpaper?

Use a custom wallpaper. If you haven't yet, download an image (.png or .jpg) from the web that you’d like as your wallpaper. In the corner of your screen, click the Launcher Up arrow . Click Files . In the left column, click Downloads. Right-click the image you want as your wallpaper, then click Set wallpaper.

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