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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was devotion removed from steam in 2019?

February 26, 2019 Devotion has been temporarily removed from Steam following an outcry from Chinese players. Devotion, a horror game set in a Taiwanese apartment building, has rocketed to the top of the Steam charts last week.

Who are the developers of the game devotion?

Developers of an indie horror game Detention recently released a game called Devotion. There was an art asset (poster) mocking the Chinese president Xi Jinping in the game. This lead to mass review bombing.

Why did Red Candle Games remove devotion from steam?

Publishers Indievent and Winking Skywalker cut ties with Red Candle Games, with Red Candle Games being liable for their losses as a result of the controversy. On February 25, Red Candle removed the game from Steam globally to fix technical issues, as well as to confirm that no other hidden messages remain.

When did devotion come out for the PC?

Devotion launched for Microsoft Windows through Steam on February 19, 2019. The original soundtrack of Devotion seeks to capture the ambiance of the 1980s in Taiwan by incorporating traditional Asian instruments and folk music elements.

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