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Frequently Asked Questions

What are daily prayers?

Daily prayer is also an act of obedience that brings joy to the Lord to see His children following His commands. Daily prayer is a way to acknowledge who is really in control of our lives. As Christians, we know who is really in control. God is sovereign.

What is a daily devotional?

Answer: Daily devotions is a phrase used to denote the discipline of Bible reading and prayer with which Christians start or end their day. Bible reading in daily devotions can take the form of a structured study using a devotional book or a simple reading of certain passages.

What is a Bible Devotion?

Bible Devotions. Devotions are times when you focus on the person of God in prayer and/or the Bible and set your heart and mind on his divine truth. Devotions are quiet times of reflection, confession, examination, and worship. Our devotions must be Christ centered and seek to move us into a more intimate and personal relationship with our Lord.

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