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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are DeWalt power tools manufactured?

Most DeWalt tools are now assembled in Mexico, China, Taiwan from components manufactured in Mexico, China, Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Thailand, or the USA. DeWalt used to make tools in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy.

Are DeWalt Tools made in the USA?

Products Made in the USA. DEWALT was founded in America and is still based in America. Each of our 7 US manufacturing facilities produces some of our most popular tools, including grinders, drills, impact drivers, and reciprocating saws.

What is DeWALT Flexvolt advantage?

The DeWalt FlexVolt Advantage Technology provides a significant power boost to these new tools, letting them reach their full potential. The FlexVolt Advantage tools include updated software and brushless motors that communicate with the FlexVolt batteries. When the tool recognizes a FlexVolt battery, it ramps up the available power output.

Where to buy DeWalt parts?

The best way to buy repair parts for your Dewalt is to begin by searching for your Dewalt model number on PartsTree and use the OEM Dewalt parts diagrams to find the parts that fit exactly like the originals from the Dewalt factory. When you locate your Dewalt model tag, take a picture for future repair parts needs.

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