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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are DeWalt drills made?

DeWalt's 3 HProuter is still manufactured and assembled in Italy. The Italian plant also supplies parts for DeWalt's smaller routers. At least one of DeWalt's line of hammer drills is manufactured and assembled in the Czech Republic. Most of DeWalt's other tools are manufactured or assembled in Mexico, China, or Taiwan.

Is DeWalt 20V Max brushless?

DeWalt 20V Max Brushless Planer Announced. There are other cordless planers on the market, but DeWalt looks to be the first to launch a brushless model in the US. From what we’ve been told so far, the DeWalt 20V Max Brushless Planer has a 3-1/4 inch cutting width. Maximum depth of cut is 3/32 inch and it has a 5/64 inch rabbet capacity.

Are DeWalt batteries interchangeable?

The interchangeable DeWalt battery. Because a DeWalt battery is interchangeable, you never have to worry about being caught without a fresh battery. Each DeWalt cordless tool comes with two batteries, and with the rapid three stage charging system you should always have a battery on hand that is ready to go.

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