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Frequently Asked Questions

When to screen DEXA?

In general, healthy women and men should start having DEXA scans at ages 65 and 70, respectively. “However, it may be appropriate to screen individuals at a younger age if they have additional risk factors,” said Prestbo.

How long does a DEXA scan take?

DEXA Scan Procedure. A bone density scan or DEXA scan takes approximately 15 minutes. Before the bone density test begins, you will be asked to lie down on a table. A small X-ray will scan your lumbar spine and both hips.

Where to get a DEXA scan?

You could go to a hospital to get a DEXA scan done. Alternatively, you can get it done at a private clinic or at your GP surgery. The first thing that a scan technician does is to measure your height and your weight.

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