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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to DFAs in Indianapolis Indiana?

Your first day of work, please plan on arriving at DFAS Indianapolis by 7:45 a.m. You will need a valid piece of identification to enter the building; it can be either state or federal issued identification. You may park in any of the four main parking lots or the two auxiliary lots.

What does askdfas-a DFAs customer service tool?

askDFAS - A DFAS Customer Service Tool Cleveland Accounting - Accounts Payable -- Online Customer Service Providing responsive, professional finance and accounting services for the people who defend America means delivering timely useful information. Our site allows customers the ability to request support or provide feedback.

Where is the Defense Finance and Accounting Service?

Additional organizations at Indianapolis supporting the men and woman in uniform are the Enterprise Readiness Organization and Audit Readiness. DFAS Indianapolis is located in Lawrence Township of Marion County. The address of DFAS Indianapolis is 8899 East 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46249.

How to return funds to DFAs vendors?

RETURN FUNDS TO DFAS Vendors must include detailed information when returning funds to the Government in order to adjust their proper accounts. All refund checks must include a copy of the demand letter (if applicable), the contract number and the invoice number. Vendors must make checks payable to the Finance and Accounting Officer.

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