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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it correct to say 'cycling a bike'?

Generally, you wouldn't say "cycling a bike" as that is redundant - cycling only happens on a bicycle. In US English, this would be slightly more formal than 'riding a bike'. That doesn't sound right. I go cycling in a park. If you do want to use bike in your sentence you can say riding a bike, not cycling a bike!

Is it good to ride a bicycle?

Riding a bicycle is good. It’s good for the environment, your health, and also saves money. We help the earth to reduce the CO2 emissions and also we become healthier both mentally and physically. For me cycling is to lose stress and to get healthier.

How to ride a mountain bike without getting stuck?

Dismount and repeat as necessary until you get used to balancing and controlling the bike. Keep your weight focused in your feet. Stay pressed against the seat, keep your elbows bent, and your body relaxed. When you are confident you can coast to the bottom, try riding down with your feet on the pedals.

What was it like to fall in love with cycling?

At first I was like, ‘yeah I’m going to fall’. Of course I fell. But I just kept learning until I felt comfortable and eventually I felt this sensation of freedom, it was like flying in the skies. I felt like an eagle soaring through the sky. It felt different. That was when I fell in love with cycling.

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