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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the IPO price of Didi global?

DiDi’s stock could generate multibagger gains if it survives this gauntlet -- but it remains a highly speculative investment. DiDi Global ( NYSE:DIDI), the largest ride-hailing company in China, burned many investors after its IPO on June 30. DiDi priced its shares at $14, but they're now trading at about $7.

Who are the founders of Didi Global Inc?

The company was founded by Wei Cheng, Qing Liu, Bo Zhang and Rui Wu on January 11, 2013 and is headquartered Beijing, China.

How is Didi going to change the world?

DiDi is also expanding its ecosystem with bike-sharing services, vehicle leasing services, freight services, and an overseas food delivery platform. All those moves could make DiDi a much better diversified company within the next two to three years. Like Uber and Lyft, DiDi expects autonomous vehicles to reduce its dependence on human drivers.

When do the Didi trial results come out?

Read this on Didi Reddit platform (source: one of the guys works for Chinese brokerage firm). Counting from the 2nd July, 3 September will be 45 days since the trial began. On 3 Sep, the results will be sent to relevant third parties added 15 days (working) which is 24 September for reply. Fingers crossed.

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