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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is drivediedrich roasters?

Diedrich Roasters is our neighbor here in Sandpoint, Idaho. They offer more than just exceptional quality coffee roasters which are known for ease-of-use and being state-of-the-art in technology. As an overall company, they pride themselves on and promise exceptional customer service.

Why choose designdiedrich Coffee Roasters?

Diedrich focuses on most everything related to coffee roasters, including installation, maintenance, technical guidance, and complete roasting training.

Why Diedrich Roast Master?

Helping roast masters craft the best tasting coffee worldwide. Control every aspect of your profile to fully develop the flavor of every bean. Diedrich brings you durability, dependability, and repeatable results. Craft the perfect roast with every batch.

What is the class size for Diedrich roasters courses?

Class size is limited to 10 in order to maintain social distancing safety requirements and to best serve those attending the course. Diedrich Roasters reserves the right to cancel seminars two weeks prior to the seminar date. Canceling a seminar rarely happens but if this occurs notice will be given immediately.

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