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Frequently Asked Questions

Do fasting diets really help with weight loss?

The main reason that intermittent fasting works for weight loss, is that it helps you eat fewer calories. All of the different protocols involve skipping meals during the fasting periods. Unless you compensate by eating much more during the eating periods, then you will be taking in fewer calories.

What is the best fasting diet?

Opt for good protein choices, such as steamed white fish, skinless chicken, tofu, nuts, seeds, legumes and eggs. You'll also eat lots of fruits and veggies on fasting days, given that many provide hunger-curbing fiber, nutrients and low glycemic loads.

Are fasting diets a safe way to lose weight?

It's no question that fasting is an effective way to lose weight. In fact, Patricia Bannan, MS, RDN, and LA-based nutritionist and healthy cooking expert has explained before that intermittent fasting, which is an eating pattern that cycles between bouts of eating and calorie restriction, is an especially powerful way to blast fat.

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