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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a dietary aide?

The main requirement for a person who wants to become a dietary aide is a high school diploma. A person in this field may also secure a job after earning a General Educational Development (GED) diploma or an acceptable equivalent.

What are dietary aide responsibilities?

A dietary aide’s key duties include helping prepare food for patients or residents (in health care facilities such as assisted living or nursing homes) who require help eating their meals. The dietary aides work side-by-side with their dietary managers to prepare meals.

What are the duties of a dietary worker?

Dietary workers are responsible for assisting with food- and customer service-related tasks for their company. They are in charge of keeping all food service spaces clean and restocking supplies as needed. Some of their main responsibilities include operating the cash register, preparing simple food items and serving them as required.

What is a diet assistant?

A dietary assistant's primary job is to prepare meals and educate clients on nutrition, while under the supervision of a licensed dietitian. Other job duties may vary depending on the position and place of employment.

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