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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does too much fiber cause gas?

Fiber is indigestible and therefore if large amounts of fiber are taken, they accumulate in the stomach leading to bloating. Secondly, too much fiber can cause gas. Gas results from the consumption of excess fiber because the bacteria which are found in the colon are capable of digesting fiber to a little extent.

Can high fiber cause gas?

Unfortunately, foods high in fiber can also cause increased gas (flatulence), which can be not just embarrassing but painful as well. The gas occurs because bacteria in the colon are able to digest fiber. The gas you produce is a by-product of the bacteria's digestion of the fiber.

Does fiber make you gassy?

Fiber bars can make people gassy because their fiber is a source of food for intestinal bacteria, particularly for people who are not used to eating large amounts of fiber. The increase in fiber causes the bacteria to produce more gas than usual, leading to flatulence, belching and feeling bloated.

Does fiber give gas?

Fiber can cause gas because of how it passes through your body. Although fiber is a carbohydrate, your digestive tract does not contain the enzymes necessary to break it down, which means it cannot be absorbed by your intestines.

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