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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use diffident in a sentence?

use "diffident" in a sentence. He answers questions from customers in a diffident manner using riddles, "spells", and a (intentionally badly dubbed ) flute, which he refers to as a ' piccalillo '. aristocrat, but in place of the aristocrat's self-assuredness there is an air of slight uncertainty and diffidence.

What is the meaning of differentiate?

To differentiate is defined as to separate out two or more things, or to look at and understand what makes things different or distinctive.

What is a synonym for differentiate?

Synonyms for Differentiate: n. • juxtapose, dissociate, set against. • alter, modify, change, vary, adapt. • know. • characterize, singularize. •differentiate (noun) mark, severalize, separate, tell, severalise, specialize, tell apart, distinguish, secern, secernate, specialise, speciate.

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