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Frequently Asked Questions

What is differentiated instruction and why is it important?

Differentiated instruction or curriculum is when teachers maximize the learning potential of a classroom by modifying curriculum, teaching methods, learning resources and activities to address the needs of the students, as individuals or small groups gathered by learning level or readiness. ... An important element of differentiated instruction is ongoing assessment and necessary adjustments, as well as flexible grouping of students by readiness level and interests.

What are some strategies for differentiated instruction?

The goal of differentiated instruction strategies is to ensure that all students are engaged in the learning process by providing tasks that match each individual’s needs. Teachers differentiate instruction through a variety of different ways: Flexible grouping, learning centers, and independent study, to name a few.

How can I provide differentiated instruction?

The best way to differentiate instruction is to give students a choice in how they show their learning. All students learn in their own way, and they need to be able to show their individual skills and interests. As long as they're able to demonstrate a certain skill, assessment should be more about the process than the product.

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