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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose dimax?

Dimax is a leading food service distributor in Metro Manila. It carries a wide range of food related products: from condiments, cheese, pasta, confectionary / baking supplies to canned and frozen items. With its excellent customer service, Dimax has become a preferred supplier of restaurants, hotels, canteens and other food service operations.

Will dimax products remove closed caption information from the video signal?

All Dimax products including Grex are the only products in the market what do not remove Closed Caption Information from the protected Video Signal. Everyone who requires Closed Caption information and especially people with hearing problems can be sure that Closed Caption data will be fully preserved on the Video Signal passing by Grex.

What makes didimax different from other vendors?

DiMAX is dedicated to being accessible to our clients whenever they need help. LOCAL On-Site Support: Unlike most vendors, DiMAX also provides expert LOCAL on-site support at no additional charge, from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

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