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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CMD on Windows 10?

As with all versions of the Windows operating system and not just Windows 10, the “cmd” is an abbreviation for the Command Prompt to open. You might know that already by having typed into the Run dialog box before. Type the “cmd” into the field and then click on the “OK” button.

How to list drives in CMD?

How to List Hard Drives in CMD If you need to simple list all drives, you can use WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation) command. You can open... Then type the command: wmic logicaldisk get name or wmic logicaldisk get caption, and hit Enter to check the list of all...

How to get the directory name list?

How do I get directory name from its path on a Linux or Unix-like system? You need to use the "dirname" command [/donotprint]In other words, you can extract the directory name using dirname command. Method #1: Use dirname command to get directory name

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