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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of directory mask in Unix?

This parameter is a synonym for directory mask. This parameter is the octal modes which are used when converting DOS modes to UNIX modes when creating UNIX directories.

Which directory does the mask match?

The mask */ matches any directory. Note that when using File Mask dialog, the trailing slash for directory masks is appended automatically. Directory masks are recursive.

How do I mask the text files within a directory?

For example mask /home/martinp/*.txt matches all text files within the directory. To match all text files within subtree, use mask /home/martinp/*.txt; /home/martinp/*/*.txt. 3 The path mask is matched against full path, i.e. not against path relative path to a root of file transfer or synchronization.

What happens when a directory is excluded from a mask?

When a directory is excluded, subdirectories and files contained in the excluded directory are not even evaluated against file masks. They are excluded along with its container directory. When a mask selects files and it makes sense to select them based on directory, you can extend the mask with a path mask.

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