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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the create mask and create directory mask work in samba?

To explain, consider the following excerpt from Using Samba, 3rd Edition: “The create mask and create directory mask options consist of octal permission sets for files and folders, respectively, that combine with the permissions requested by the user using a logical AND. Any bit not set in the mask will be removed from the final permission set.

What is the default Unix mode created by Samba?

Following this Samba will bit-wise 'OR' the UNIX mode created from this parameter with the value of the force create mode parameter which is set to 000 by default. This parameter does not affect directory masks. See the parameter directory mask for details.

How do I create a shared folder in samba?

You need to create the shared folder in the path specified in the Samba config file above. This guide uses a shared folder named sambashare located in your home directory. Navigate to your home directory using the cd command . Then create the shared directory using the command below: 2. Samba User and Group

What is'NP'in the samba Directory?

Additionally a sub-directory 'np' has restricted permissions, and allows a trusted communication channel between Samba processes This is a list of NetBIOS names that nmbd will advertise as additional names by which the Samba server is known. This allows one machine to appear in browse lists under multiple names.

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