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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current directory in MATLAB?

Current Folder. The current folder is a reference location that MATLAB uses to find files. This folder is sometimes referred to as the current directory, current working folder, or present working directory.

What is the MATLAB search path?

The MATLAB® search path is a subset of all the folders in the file system. MATLAB uses the search path to locate files used with MathWorks® products efficiently. The order of folders on the search path is important.

What are the basic commands in MATLAB?

MATLAB is an interactive program for numerical computation and data visualization. You can enter a command by typing it at the MATLAB prompt '>>' on the Command Window. ... MATLAB provides various useful commands for working with the system, like saving the current work in the workspace as a file and loading the file later.

What are the basics of MATLAB?

The Basics. One of MATLAB's conveniences is its ability to work with lists of numbers. You will have the opportunity to practice constructing and manipulating lists, vectors, and matrices. Since the unit also serves as an introduction to programming, you will receive guidance on defining variables, storing values in variables,...

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